The goal is to elevate medical quality and the importance of patient safety.To gain the improvement of simulation in health care, we use varies of simulation ways to elevate education,research, assessment and to connent the education of simulation in health care to result in benifiting patients and medical quantities.

The education of simulation on health care involves bu using varies of tools, including organs, analog electronic dummy,parts of human model, videos or documentary for teaching, computer simulation case, dummy or true patients.

Improvement of medical technology results in patients will face complicated,urgent and serious issues. However, due to the invalueble of human life of patient, the medical personnels must execute it with precise when they first deal with this situations.Even tiny mistakes are not allowed so these medical personnel must be trained well before they handle real emergency cases.

Simulation is to present rare but serious medical incident in front of these medical personnel.The goal is for educational training and rescearch purpose.In the end there is no doubt that it will increase medical effeciency, elevate medical quality and ensure patient safety.

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