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  • Local Concerns

    Sound holistic education can develop a highly-trained medical and sports medicine personnel who share common principles, which are capable of widely knowledgeable, highly skilled, good at communication, and mindful of medical ethics.
  • Serving Society

    With improving the quality of health care, we are participating in the planning and implementation of enhancing the quality of our medical service and biomedical research. Wel also strive to apply new biomedical knowledge to clinical practice and raise the general standard of public health by encouraging the national citizens to participate in sports.
  • Global Outlook

    We see the exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign medical centers to promote the development of research and other academic activities and improving the quality of our teaching, research, medicine and service.
  • Outstanding

    National colleges of medicine will serve as friendly critics and models. We will strive to excel international standards in key areas and to be one of the most respected medical centers in the Asia-Pacific region


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