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111-2 醫學院學生EMI 『盜寶風雲-醫觸即發』解謎遊戲

Student EMI Puzzle Game

▎目的 (Activity purpose)

In order to create a friendly English learning environment and provide students with diverse learning opportunities, we have incorporated the hottest trend among young people, the reality puzzle game. This allows students to step out of the classroom and learn English. We hope that through this activity, students will have the opportunity to speak English in an interesting setting, develop an interest in English learning, and build confidence in their oral communication skills.
▎參加資格 (Eligible participants)
凡醫學院學生皆可參加,並以一組5人為限報名參加。 ※活動上限總人數100人

Participation is open to all students of the College of Medicine, with a maximum of 5 students per group for registration. *The total number of participants is limited to 100 people.

▎活動日期 (Event date)
2023年6月3日(六) 09:30~12:00 ※結束時間視當天情況而定
2023.06.03 (Sat) 09:30-12:00 **The closing time will be determined based on the circumstances of the day.
▎活動集合地點 (Event place)
第一教學大樓穿堂(First Teaching Building)
▎報名截止日期 (Registration deadline)
 2023年5月31日 (三) 17:00
報名表單:https://forms.gle/wXKmJWcoUgVFq2kH8 ※人數達上限將提前關閉報名
2023.05.31 (Wed) 17:00
**Registration will be closed in advance if the maximum number of participants is reached.
 ▎競賽獎勵 (Competition prize)
Participation Prize: Participants(excluding the top six teams) can redeem a 100-dollar voucher by completing asatisfaction survey after the event.
★第一名 (1st place):TWD 12,000 /1組
★第二名 (2nd place):TWD 10,000 /1組
★第三名 (3rd place):TWD 8,000 /1組
★第四名 (4th place):TWD 6,000 /1組
★第五名 (5th place):TWD 5,000 /1組
★第六名 (6th place):TWD 4,000 /1組
※ 1~6名的獎金和獎狀將在活動結束後,發信通知前往IR437領取
 **Reward and certificates for the 1st to 6th place will be notified via email to collect them at IR437 after the event.
▎注意事項 (Reminders)
Each group should consist of 5 members for registration. If a team member requests leave on the day of the event, they can be replaced by another member. However, if the team has fewer than 5 members before the start of the game, they will be disqualified from participating.
Event notifications will be individually sent to students' email addresses, so please make sure to provide the correct email address.
On the day of the event, please take care of your physical condition and remember to stay hydrated to prevent heatstroke.
⭐ 活動成果 ⭐
★獲獎名單List of Winners:https://bit.ly/47vmcHV
《聯絡人Point of Contact》
醫學院EMI計畫助理 Office of EMI, College of Medicine:楊璞宣 Ms. Yang
聯絡電話Contact number:07-312 1101分機#2137轉#36


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