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About Us

Kaohsiung Medical University (originally known as Kaohsiung Medical College) was formally established in 1954. Kaohsiung Medical College received permission from the Ministry of Education to change its name to “Kaohsiung Medical University “in August 1999. The university consisted of six colleges, including the College of Medicine. The College of Medicine has emphasized the integration of humanities and medicine to cultivate students with professionalism, communication skill, lifelong learning, and the capabilities of providing holistic healthcare.


The missions of our school include Providing: "Education, Research, International Affairs, and Student Affairs and Services.” After its first half-century, Kaohsiung Medical University is sparing no effort in keeping pace with the international pace.


The College of Medicine has actively promoted a variety of research, and successively established the following:

➤Tropical Medicine Research Center Sepsis Research Center Research Center for Medical Education Diabetes Research Center Hepatitis Research Center Lipid Science and Aging Research Center Orthopaedic Research Center


We are home to four undergraduate programs and six graduate programs. 

Undergraduate Programs

➤ the School Of Medicine

➤ the School of Post Baccalaureate Medicine

➤ the Department of Respiratory Therapy 

➤ the Department of Sports Medicine


Graduate Programs

➤ Graduate Institute of Medicine

➤ Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine

➤ M. Sc. Program in Tropical Medicine

➤ Ph.D. Program in Environmental and Occupational Medicine

➤ Ph.D. Program in Translational Medicine

➤ Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering



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