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Department of Respiratory Therapy

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Respiratory care is an organized medical profession. After consultation or order from physician, the respiratory therapists carry out evaluation, rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory system of patients of emergent unit or patients with injury or abnormality of cardiopulmonary function. Intensive ward, chronic wards, out patient department and home care therapy are all included. This is a both comprehensive and specialized profession.

In order to pursuit superb teaching quality, our department will increase the modern teaching facility, provide our teachers and students opportunities to go abroad communicating with our sister schools and broaden our vision. Via variety committee with other related departments in Taiwan, we will cooperate with them to promote our contribution in clinical, academic and continuous teaching ward, finally to promote the health of our people. We hope we can attract and recruit students with active learning attitude, independent thinking, passion and responsibility, in order to cultivate omni bearing respiratory therapist with inferable and logical ability.

Research Focus

The research fields of the faculty focus on molecular mechanisms of pathophysiology in respiratory system related to sepsis and lung cancer.Adjunct faculty members include: current clinical teachers, physicians, and respiratory therapists with expertise related to respiratory care.

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