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Discussion Room Rules (KMU College of Medicine)

During the epidemic prevention period, the following content will be adjusted at any time based on suggestions of the Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

1. Eligibility: College of Medicine staff, faculty members, and students.

2. For Academic programs (Classes for Master's programs have the priority), and academic or administrative meetings.

3. When several units apply for the use of the same room at the same time, important meetings have the priority, followed by the teaching program. If the discussion is not able to borrow, the department must cancel or reschedule the application in advance.

How to make a request:

1.      Discussion Room can be booked via the Reservation System on the KMU College of Medicine website (https://reurl.cc/Y99RpL).

2.      Please book the discussion room at least 3 business days in advance.

3.      Please make sure the reservation is completed (been confirmed by KMU College of Medicine).

4.      For temporary borrowing (use) of the discussion room (< 3 business days), please complete the online application. In addition, an application form (Discussion_Room_Rules_KMU_College_of_Medicine_Application_Form_for_Temporary_Special_Circumstances.doc) approved (signed) by the supervisor should also be provided.

Available discussion rooms (and the capacity):

Building: International Academic Research Building

Floors: 4th and 7th

1.       4th Floor

Discussion Room 1 (IR459): 16 seats

Discussion Room 2 (IR458): 20 seats

Discussion Room 1 & 2 can be merged to fit a bigger group

2.       7th Floor

Discussion Room 3 (IR729): 18 seats

Discussion Room 4 (IR740): 22 seats

Discussion Room 5 (IR742): 35 seats

Opening Time

1.      From 08:00 to 18:00, Monday thru Friday

The discussion rooms are closed during the evening, weekends, and holidays.

2.      In certain circumstances, such as Classed of Master Program and exam, please fill in the application form and submit it after approval by the supervisor.

Rules and regulations.

1.      The right to use (or door keys) is non-transferable and unexchangable without the permission of the management unit (KMU College of Medicine).

2.      No smoking or use of fire in the room. If any damage and losses were caused due to inappropriate use, the unit applying for use shall be liable for all damages.

3.      Do not paste any propaganda, slogans, or any destructive arrangement in the discussion room.

4.      Movable property equipment in the discussion room is limited to use inside it

5.      Properly control the use period to avoid affecting the use of the next period.

6.      Keep personal belongings properly and carefully. KMU College of Medicine is not responsible for any compensation.

7.      Before leaving the discussion room:

a. Keep it clean don't leave rubbish.

b. Please ensure that all furniture (table or chair) is returned to its original position.

c. Turn off the light and air-conditioning. Lock the door.

d. If the users fail to comply with the above rules, the eligibility will be suspended for one month.

8.      The unit applying for the use of the discussion room is liable for any damages.

Common reasons for rejection of application:

1.      The actual activity content is inconsistent with the application form.

2.      The activities that will endanger the safety of the buildings, facilities, and personnel of the site

3.      The discussion room is not used for educational purposes. For example, private group or personal interest group activity is not allowed.

4.      Those who violate the provisions of these management regulations.

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