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Hi, professors: 

Thank you so much for joining our EMI online courses in video production.

Managing an excellent production requires lots of effort, input, and assistance from you. Because of your assistance, things are looking good and it looks like all systems are going!

To stay on top of everything, there are some essential steps to make our video shoot run smoothly:


  • [Application Procedure]

Please see the attached files down below.


  • [Video File Formats]

File formats

 Applied to: Power Director 18(Click here to DOWNLOAD http://fs.kmu.edu.tw/)

-Output: 'H.264 AVC'

-storage type 'Choose mp4 '

- Bitrate mode: 1920*108040Mbps

Audio:  MP3

Image: JPG/ PNG


  • [Click here to DOWNLOAD]






  • [Contact us]

EMI Digital Assistant ( DA )

Pei Yun-Wu   ( Amanda )    Email r101124@gap.kmu.edu.tw  ext. 2137 #85

Yang Pu Xuan ( Zoey )      Emailr101123@gap.kmu.edu.tw   ext.2137 #36

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