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School of Post Baccalaureate Medicine

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The Faculty of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine Department, founded in 1982, remains the only medical school department that offers opportunities for those who have received their undergraduate degrees and are still interested in medical sciences. It provides a good educational environment, offering access to the latest research results, as well as the most modern technology and medical training programs in English.

In our curriculum, we developed a new “block” system that will revolutionize medical education. Courses are taught in an order according to the major human organ systems. The goal is to provide a synergistic integration of basic science and clinical practice perspectives for innovative and realistic solutions to relevant infectious disease problems in human medicine.

The clinical skills program is created to provide medical students with a formal program designed to assist and guide them as they acquire the skills required to practice medicine. In order to provide a excellent environment, KMU has established the Clinical Skill Learning Center. It is comprised of several skills rooms that have been created to provide students with a dedicated space in which they can practice physical exam on each other. These rooms are also used for interview and communication skills practice utilizing standardized patients. The clinical rooms have a wide range of models and simulators available for teaching sessions. Students are allowed to go to practice to enhance their communication skills and basic clinical abilities.

We can assure you that the entire staff of Kaohsiung Medical University is wholeheartedly committed to making your study both effective and pleasant.



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