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Department of Sports Medicine

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The department of Sports Medicine was established in August 2003. The Kaohsiung Medical University has made a substantial commitment to being the leading Sports & Exercise Medicine educator in Taiwan. The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum and is designed to merge medical principles and sciences to facilitate physical performance in sports. Since 2008, the department has featured a new target for the future development – “health promotion” with a modern concept of sports & exercise medicine, which emphasizes on custom exercises for each individual.

Our course offers a full time four year Bachelor degree. The curriculum focuses not only on learning the basics of medical and sports sciences, but also health care management. The basic science of sports medicine is emphasized over the first two years, such as Human Physiology, Anatomy of the Human Body, Health Management, Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition, and First-Aid. During the final two years, the course provides excellent opportunities in practical training which can be used as a foundation to further students with an aim to either obtain professional certifications e.g. "fitness leader" and "athletic trainer", or future research work.

The University has worked closely with professional sports clubs, health institutes and hospitals, and is responsible for providing a better medical service to southern Taiwan. The course has an important role in merging the various medical disciplines to create a first class teaching, research and clinical environment for health promotion in Taiwan.

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More and more people with busy work and tension lives increasingly take exercise to promote health, but a few of them neglect the exercise program should be further designed for different individuals. In order to reduce injury risk and guide people to choose suitable exercise, we set up “Faculty of Sports Medicine” on August, 2003. The course is designed to merge medical principles and sciences into sports and physical performance.

The programmed course provides Bachelor degree through full-time- four-year education. Majoring in Sports Medicine focuses not only in learning basic knowledge of the treatment for diseases and sports injuries, but also on injury/disease prevention and management of health care. The first two years’ courses emphasize on basic science of sports medicine, such as Human Physiology, Anatomy of the Human Body, Health Management, Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition, and First-Aid. During the courses of the last two years, we provide our students the opportunities in practical training, and also arrange sufficient specialized subjects required the professional certifications of fitness leader and athletic trainer.

In short, we seek to educate a distinguished/qualified group as fitness leaders and athletic trainers in the field of Sports Medicine, so as to promote the concept of health between communities and schools further. In conclusion, we truly hope all the nation people acquire optimal fitness throughout their life.


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