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According to the decision made by the fifteenth COVID-19 prevention meeting, KMU students should wear a face mask while entering the campus.

Please consult the pharmacies list I send on Apr. 1 and purchase masks accordingly.



**corrected information:

If you need to do home quarantine but have a shortage of masks, you can go to the health center and ask for help. For other people, you should buy masks by yourself.


**Alternative strategies while you didn’t have enough face mask:

1-    Buy fabric masks

(example: https://mall.pchome.com.tw/prod/QCAA1A-A9009PIZV)

2-    Buy face mask cover

(example: https://mall.pchome.com.tw/prod/QFAY0U-A900AJ2DW)

3-    Revitalising masks

(DIY video by Audrey Tang: https://www.facebook.com/100014438376965/videos/808764289614843/)

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