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【Host Time】

April 20th., 2022



Hall B2, International Academic Research Building



1. For those who want to attend the conference,please fill in this Google Form to complete the registration process. (https://forms.gle/GZL3S9ZMZJpfPQQp6)

2. Limit maximum 100 people!! You are invited to join us!



KMU is located 2 kilometers from the rear exit of Kaohsiung Railway Station. From there, it is a straight path down Buoai Road to Shihcyuan (Shichuen) Road. Turn right. Drive a few blocks to Zihyou (Ziyou) Road. Turn left. A small university entrance will be on your right, just north of the main entrance to KMU Hospital. Five minutes by car or motorcycle.


From the north drive southward down Chungshan Freeway and get off at Dinjin Exit. Turn left onto Mintsu (Mingzu) Road. Drive a short distance down to Tongmeng Road. Turn right. Drive west a short distance on Tongmeng. The entrance to KMU will be on your left, across from a small park.

You may want to exit from the freeway at Jiouru (Jiuru) Exit. You will need to take Jiouru (Jiuru) Road toward the train station. Before the train station, however, you will come to Zihyou (Ziyou) Road. Turn right. Zihyou (Ziyou) Road will take you past Shihcyuan (Shichuen) Road to a university entrance on your right, just north of the main entrance to KMU Hospital.




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